Katie “KMariko” Patterson is an adopted Korean American artist located in Houston, Texas. Mostly self taught, Katie discovered her love of art at a young age when admirers began to collect her various drawings and sculptures. Moving to Houston in 2001, she has held a variety of successful careers such as a Director for ABC News and as a marketing communications consultant for Fortune 100 companies. It was not until 2008, she began to find her passion again using art to communicate a very personal self-realization along a journey towards healing. Katie believes in giving back to the community to which she has started two non-profit organizations for disaster relief previously featured on the news and has donated multiple proceeds from the sales of her art to local organizations like B.A.R.C., CAP, Kendra Scott and the MDA. She currently continues to reinvent herself professionally and personally as a person and artist.

Artist Statement
I am an artist to ground myself amidst the chaos in what we call life. Despite being adopted into a wonderful, supportive and loving family, I have always felt that I never quite fit in. Art has always been a way for me to freely communicate a feeling that I consciously don’t understand and cannot verbally express. It is an introspective conversation for me to share and incontrovertibly connect with others.

My art is inspired by abstract emotions. I love a blank canvas. Each piece is layered mixed media with most likely two or three other paintings beneath the final result. Collectors and admirers alike often see unintentional silhouettes and faces within each piece that serves to open one’s conscious perception beyond the limitations of this reality. My art is representative of my journey in this life, because life should be lived coloring outside of the lines.